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Movement Services | Selection

There are three criteria which are used to determine to which movement service a given transaction is sent:

The species is supplied in the speciesCode property of the transaction model sent by the application, the other two criteria come from the property to which the transaction belongs.

Species Country Property Type Movement Service Movement Service Tag
Sheep (S) England (ENG) Farm (F) ARAMS Holdings ARAMS-FARM
Sheep (S) England (ENG) Abattoir (A) ARAMS Slaughterhouses ARAMS-ABATTOIR
Cattle (C) England (ENG) N/A BCMS BCMS
Cattle (C) Northern Ireland (NIR) N/A DAERA DAERA
Sheep (S) Wales (WAL) N/A EIDCymru EIDCYMRU
Deer (D) Wales (WAL) N/A EIDCymru EIDCYMRU
Goats (G) Wales (WAL) N/A EIDCymru EIDCYMRU
Cattle (C) New Zealand (NZL) N/A NAIT NAIT
Deer (D) New Zealand (NZL) N/A NAIT NAIT
Sheep (S) Australia (AUS) N/A NLIS NLIS
Cattle (C) Australia (AUS) N/A NLIS NLIS
Sheep (S) Scotland (SCO) N/A ScotEID SCOTEID
Pigs (P) Scotland (SCO) N/A ScotEID SCOTEID
Cattle (C) Scotland (SCO) N/A ScotMoves SCOTMOVES